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It all starts with our designs. Lis bonne Atelier was founded in the belief of creating high quality pieces, made for you to love and to cherish for a long time. Following our DNA of uniqueness and personal style but yet simple and classic design with a twist. 
Our aim is to create timeless fashion where every detail is carefully considered and chosen. We believe in the perfect core wardrobe made to last both in design and by choosing durable materials. We want you to wear our garments year after year without feeling any difference in quality, shape or look. These pieces are here to stay as your wardrobe heroes, for you to always feel confident and unique. 

Fiber and Care Guide

Its fundamentally important for us to choose the right material and fiber for each garment. The choice is not only taken from a design perspective, but also from an environmental and longevity perspective to ensure that each garment will last as long as possible. 
We aim to choose the material with the lowest environmental impact and carefully select and search for the better choice. 
We always perform meticulous tests before use on all our materials and fibers to ensure longevity and durability. With the right care and love each piece from Lis Bonne Atelier will last for a long time ahead. 
Our aim is set high, and we will never stop improving in the area of sustainability, continuously searching for better alternatives. 
Our fibers and care guide: Click here!  

Our Value Chain

Sustainability is integrated in our company as a core value. All choices we do are carefully considered. We want to be proud of each one of our pieces and always make our choice based on heart and quality. 



Ethically production is important for us. We produce all our products in European factories, and we have designated staff to make sure working conditions are good and live up to European and International standards, laws, and regulations. We carefully select our suppliers and work with only a few chosen ones. Choosing Europe as production site is also a matter of environmental impact, less transports and logistics involved. Our production countries are currently Portugal, Romania, and Turkey.


Our packaging and trims are chosen with consciousness. All of our paper packaging and labels are made with FSC® branded materials ensuring the paper used originates from responsible managed forests. FSC is a 3-part verifications system to ensure the end consumer the origin and safety of the product. 
We currently facing out all plastic bags and instead we are introducing paper bags certified with FSC® as protection of our garments in transportation.
We encourage our customers to reuse our garment boxes and bags.


Trims and Accessories 

We are working with a nominated supplier for labels and trims, all made from certified GRS® recycled material. GRS is a 3-part verifications system to ensure the end consumer the origin of the product.


Our aim is always to choose transportation with the lowest environmental impact. Producing in Europe means shorter distances. We maximize the space in the transportation vehicles both from environmental and economic perspective.


As a global online company, we always work to minimize number of returns. We offer a unique size guide for each garment, which are helping us to guide our customers to choose right style and size. We don’t offer free returns both from environmental and economic perspective. 

Close the loop

When your garment from Lis Bonne Atelier is worn out or you no longer use it, we encourage our customers to resell or give it to someone else to love and cherish, each garment deserves to be used as much as possible by one or many users. If the garment is worn out, we encourage you to hand it in for recycling at your closest recycling place to close the loop. 
Together we can make a difference.